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Some quotes from Coaches


As well as having twenty years' experience as a counsellor / psychotherapist, I have also worked with several coaches in a complementary role.

I assist coaches in cases where their clients' psychological issues block the benefits of coaching. This often involves looking at long held limiting beliefs or deeply engrained anxieties which require a deeper intervention:-

"I have referred clients to Patrick where there were underlying issues that could not be dealt with by conventional coaching. After the sessions with Patrick several clients reported that they had completely dealt with the issues that were troubling them. In all cases the clients found the sessions valuable and they felt they had made progress.

I would recommend him where there are issues that seem deep seated and do not respond to coaching techniques."

Bob Griffiths, Author of the book "Grow Your Own Carrot" and designer of the coaching software, "Coach Master".

I have helped coaches identify their own blind spots and the ways of doing/feeling/being that prevent them from being a better coach:-

"I have known Patrick for a few months, we share an interest in NLP and achieving excellence in public speaking. I work as a Coach and consulted Patrick about a personal conflict that I was unable to resolve for myself. Patrick facilitated me in such a way that I was able to stand back and see the situation from a different standpoint. His questioning skills were perceptive, he was sensitive to my predicament, pushing me gently in a way that was sometimes uncomfortable, yet enabled me to make a significant shift.

I have since made considerable progress with this issue, which I now realise had been blocking my personal and professional progress for a few years. My experience of Patrick is that he is challenging, which I needed, kind, and a highly skilled and experienced coach/therapist."

CC, Coach, London.

"A good coach should notice when their client's requirements lie beyond their own personal expertise. I too sometimes recognise psychological issues that should be addressed by or in parallel with the medical profession.

My two sessions with Patrick have shown him to be both a professional and intuitive psychotherapist. He demonstrated a sensitivity and insight that helped me focus on and understand more about the underlying causes of the issue I was addressing. He worked in such a way that I gained the strength and insight to move forward with confidence. My increased self awareness has helped me, with his support, to overcome a negative situation. I can highly recommend him as I know him to be a talented therapist."

L. Lear, Coach, London

"He is Mr fix it!"

Chris, Coach, London