What Patrick's Clients have said.


Here is a selection of client's accounts of the issues they came to me with and the results we achieved working together:-

R, Female, Marketing Director, 2 sessions

"I have had a couple of sessions with Patrick, and each time have had an incredible breakthrough. His ability to get to the source of the issue each time is incredible. While his techniques are unusual and at the time the questions he ask may feel redundant, they are actually very effective and without forcing, he coaxes the answers from within. I had been searching for answers for in a two significant areas in my life for many years. What truly amazed me is how quickly he got to the root of issues."

David, Management Accountant, 3 sessions

"I have struggled with obsessive compulsive behaviour for 30 years.  It has caused me a great deal of stress, lost sleep and wasted time.  My sessions with Patrick have been very helpful, providing me with a different perspective on my problem.  I had found a number of my past attempts to deal with my OCD to be quite disturbing but found Patrick to be unthreatening and helpful whilst not being invasive.

Since working with Patrick I have regularly slept through the night (compared to twice in 30 years previously) and I'm pleased with the progress that I have made and have felt a benefit in my working life."

S, Female, Legal Director, 1 session

"A terrifying phobia of spiders which had long dominated my own life was now imposing on the lives of family and friends. Demanding that my husband carry out preliminary checks of rooms before I'd entered them was bad enough but a panic stricken call to a neighbour's home late one Sunday evening when I was home alone, made it hard to ignore that this was out of control.

Luckily for me the neighbour was out but Patrick was in. Having humanely removed the spider Patrick suggested I might want to "do something about this". I did want to.

After only one very relaxed session in which we visualised and role played various scenarios I can honestly say I've lost the fear and panic associated with seeing a spider. It is good to know I can now manage what used to feel like a terrifyingly unmanageable situation. Thank you Patrick."

H, Female Artist, 33, 1 session

"I was referred to Patrick by a customer I had met for the first time at a yoga studio. I was so desperate to give up smoking that I welcomed the opportunity. I called Patrick and it suited us both to meet in a studio located underneath my house.

This was aided by the fact I was on a singing job and usually quit before starting such jobs in the knowledge that I need to be on form, focussed and disciplined. A trait I hold close and find easy usually. I am not swayed by much when it comes to applying myself to a creative task.

Then again, the usual trigger, a breakdown of a relationship, this time coupled with not knowing what direction I was going professionally, sent me into a pattern of self destruct in which the smoking heavily featured. "

To sing again. What me?? 33 years old and the music industry as tough as ever.

"When I met Patrick I was already writing and producing songs for myself and setting up story boards for music videos. I wrote produced, composed and acted in a short film. I have to get up and perform this stuff. My confidence was very low. My opinion of myself! Improving but still pretty low.

I met Patrick and instead of doing what I have done in the past with hypnotherapy, talk through everything and then sit comfortably and be taken on the hypno journey, instead I instantly cried… I understand the process and the talking and tapping into subconscious thoughts that usually go unexpressed. Powerful stuff.

I am not sure at this point how I feel about it because all I care about is not giving myself such a hard time about everything. I put so much pressure on myself and if it took to meet a total stranger and breakdown in front of them, Knowing that I am not depressed anymore and that I am going to survive and that I am actually leaps and bounds ahead of where I was earlier this year, then that is very good. Patrick was incredibly warm and I really felt I could trust him.

I feel quite strong right now. I don't seem to be putting up with the usual stuff that leaves me feeling used, walked over and irrelevant. I am standing up for myself more and am not a vulnerable as I had been feeling for some time.

I would thoroughly recommend Patrick as a compassionate being who has all the right questions and responses to your reactions! The rest of the work is your own!"

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